layout service

Integrated Circuits Physical Layout Design Services

Physical Layout is the essential task of IC design in the semiconductor industry and also one of the critical processes of the whole IC design. Silicon Topology provides a variety of layout services specialising in full custom analogy IC layout.

  • Training

    Training Programs

    With advances in technology and special demands from customers, professional training has become more important than ever. We place great investment on custom IC Layout Training Courses both in-house and on-demand courses. 

  • on-site layout

    On-Site Layout Services

    We have more than one hundred well trained layout engineers ready to work on site or in-house. Our engineers are not only equiped with technical layout knowledge but also professional communication skills and discipline in order to provide the best experience on customer projects.

  • in-house IC layout solution

    In-House IC Layout Solution

    For those customers with no specific IC layout team, we can provide in-house layout services with a highly experienced professional team. Customers can leave the custom IC layout design job to us from the post design stage to tape out. All the inventions and new concepts generated throughout each individual project would solely belong to the customer. We gurantee to protect the intelluctual assets of our customers in the custom IC layotu service.

  • total solution

    IC Layout Total Solution

    Whether you are a start up IC design company or an IC design team in a multi-nations enterprise, we can collaborate with you by supporting you the cutting edge IC layout technology. Our experience and professional know-how can help your products time to market and on-budget. The total solution for the fullu custom IC layout service including engineer training course, HR consulting, contracted layout support, etc.