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Company Information



Founded in 1995, Silicon Topology provides IC Layout Design Services, specializing in fully custom analog IC physical layout design. We have more than 100 well trained and experienced layout engineers ready to provide our precious customers with quality layout services.


Our mission is to provide quality physical layout design solutions to the worldwide semiconductor industry.


We are dedicated in becoming the leading IC physical layout service provider and aiding our customers success in the semiconductor industry.

Team Spirit

Humble Service, Honest Approach, Open Minded.

Management Team



Sean Lin

As the founder of Silicon Topology, Sean has over 28 years full custom IC layout experience in the semiconductor industry. As a senior IC layout profesional, Sean has the dream to create a fair and transparent system within the company in order to let all employees to realize their dreams.

Vice President


Celia Liao

Celia joined the company in 2002. She is the witness of the growth of the company from its startup to the present  today. She regards the remarkable achievement of the company as an honor belonging to the whole team. Celia's expectation is for all of the company's emplyees to develope themselves and fulfill their dreams in Silicon Topology. 

Vice President


Pochin Hsu

Pochin has plentiful experience and entrepreneurship in IC design industry.  He leads the team to develop a wider business scale and better service to our worldwide customers.

Financial Manager


Vincent Su

Before joining Silicon Topology in 2000, Vincent served at ITRI in auditing,  accounting and finance related prefession. Vincent helped the company endure the disastrous global Financial Crisis of 2007-8. Vincent is commited to dedicating his finacial expertise in assisting the team to overcome any potential challenges in the future.



Chris Sun

Chris has over 20 years experience in the Hi-Tech industry. Previously working as a senior product marketing director at Tellus Co., Chris joins Silicon Topology and assists in marketing and training. 

Account Manager

Jason Su
With more than 10 years business development experience and 2 years IC layout experience, Jason is able to effectively coordinate our engineering team and customers to ensure the success of all projects.  

Group Manager


Alex Chu

Mor than 10 years layout service experience, Alex is always seeking out new challenges to improve himself and the other members of his team.

Group Manager


Nicholas Jhong

Nicholas and his team currently works on memory design. 

Group Manager


Owen Huang

Owen has over 10 years of experience working on advanced process at TSMC and UMC. 

Group Manager

Liso Chang

With more than 10 years layout engineering experience, Liso is experienced in mix-mode and analog layut design. 

Group Manager

Louis Chen

Louis leads Taipei team to provide full custom layout services to our customers in Taipei region. He has excellent layout skill and spririt in customer satisfaction. 

Group Manager

Steven Zhan

Steven has more than 7 years IC layout experience. He has been handling a variety kinds of product from customers and fulfilling the requirements. Steven leads and collaborates his team in caring the individuals to serve customers in teamwork spirit.



Motor Lui

With his 10 years experience, Motor has managed a variety of custom IC layout projects with emphasis on customer service. 


Rechel Hsu

Rachel joined the team in 2006 and has since proved her capability in a variety of layout designs.


Hank graduated with the master degree of IC Layout Profession at Minghsin University of Science and Technology. Holding 7 years experience with Silicon Topology, Hank is valuable team player.


Your team provided a fast and good quality service on our project. Very professional! Thank you!

Project leader, Maxim

Working with your team was a pleasant experience. You demonstrate a professional and excellent team work spirit. Thank you so much for your passionate support. We are looking forward to working with you soon! 

                RD engineer, Actron