Sitop understands our success relies on the quality and talent of its employees. Here we train, nurture and develop our employees. We offer a range of benefits and are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our endeavors.


The goal of education and training is to continuously improve quality and work skills, inspire colleagues to work with enthusiasm and courage to meet challenges. so as to create higher corporate value, and achieve operational goals and future development.

    1.  Pre-employment training
      Provide training courses for IC layout design, complete professional courses are in line with practical work, and complete the professional capabilities of new colleagues.
    2. On the job training
      Provide professional foreign language learning allowances, encourage colleagues to continue to improve and develop themselves, and help them become international talents.
    3. Professional development
      Sitop Technology attaches great importance to all-round elite talents, and builds long-term functions and career development plans with the company.


Recruitment process

    1. Resume/CV
      Please upload your resume in the vacancy field, we will follow up as soon as possible after receiving it.
    2. Resume screening
      After receiving your resume, we will conduct a preliminary screening.
      If you pass the preliminary screening, we will arrange you to come to the company for an interview as soon as possible by phone or mail.
      If there is currently no suitable vacancy for you, we will not notify you.
    3. Interview conducted
      Before the interview, please prepare the documents required for the interview (autobiography, resume, diploma, etc.).
    4. We will inform you of the results of the interview by phone or mail.
    5. Admission notification
      After confirming the admission, we will notify you by phone and inform you of the required documents for registration.


Basic employee benefits

Silicon Topology provides a range of employee benefits

    1. Year-end bonuses, quarterly bonuses, annual surplus employee dividends, and salary adjustments based on the company’s operating results.
    2. Labor insurance, national health insurance, and pension provision system that comply with the laws and regulations.
    3. Annual employee health check subsidy.
    4. Employee quality improvement subsidies: English and Japanese languages.
    5. Education and training: new personnel training, professional course training plan, etc.
    6. Senior employee bonus
    7. Vacation in accordance with company and labor standards law. (Special leave/spouse/parenting/family care/physiological leave, etc.).
    8. Employee group insurance.
    9. Employee travel subsidy, family day, end of year celebration

Employee perks

– Birthday movie tickets
– Marriage, funeral and childbirth subsidies.
– Department dinners, afternoon tea, staff special discounts, etc.
– Company subsidized mountaineering, yoga, badminton and basketball activity clubs