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Jyun Huang


Jyun Huang holds a pivotal role at Silicon Topology, bringing his extensive expertise and leadership to the forefront. With his extensive years of experience, he is recognized as a driving force behind the company success.

Bohan Yang


Bohan Yang is our most outstanding pioneer, driven by an absolute passion for work and a customer-centric service spirit. His efforts have enabled Silicon Topology to establish a strong presence in the Chinese market, with the current goal of expanding into the Japanese market to create a cohesive Far East deployment.

Dio Chuang


Dio Chuang is the Director of STC2 and has collaborated with TSMC for over ten years—his areas of expertise span SRAM, Mixmode, and Serdes. In Dio’s view, his time at Silicon Topology is not just a job but also a beautiful journey of spiritual connection with colleagues.

Nicolas Chung


Nicolas Chung is forward-thinking and understands the importance of foresight and follow-through. In Silicon Topology’s corporate culture, he upholds its core values of DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

Louis Chen


Louis Chen’s meticulous thinking is well-known within the Silicon Topology team. He emphasizes enhancing technology, customer communication, and service quality. Louis has transformed one of Silicon Topology’s subsidiaries’ layouts from basic services to comprehensive ones, aiming ultimately to provide layout consulting services.

Alex Chu


Alex Chu, with nearly 20 years of profound semiconductor layout knowledge, approaches all matters with a macro perspective. He excels as the team’s best coordinator and executor, paying meticulous attention to detail. Alex progressively integrates and transforms the team from a domestic focus to an international one, addressing the semiconductor industry’s global market demands. He is committed to collaborating with all departments to enhance our visibility in the global IC layout arena.

Andrew Wu

Vice President of Sales

Andrew Wu has over 25 years of rich experience in IC design services and EDA business marketing. He successfully led Silicon Topology from the domestic market to the international stage. As of early 2024, Silicon Tech’s foreign clients accounted for over 70%, and the company continues to grow steadily.

Celia Liao

Vice President

Celia Liao joined Silicon Topology in 2002 and has witnessed the company’s growth since its inception. As a significant influencer in the company’s development, she dedicates immense energy to inspiring employees to discover their intrinsic value and potential. She hopes that employees can indeed be themselves at Silicon Topology. It’s often said that growth comes with responsibility, but Celia is always by the side of Silicon Topology employees, experiencing and overcoming challenges together.