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About Us

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Performance, Quality and Reliability


Pioneering the Future of IC Layout Design

To be a world leading IC physical layout service providing reliable high quality IC layout service tailored for customer needs on time and within budget.

Sean Lin
CEO & Founder
Company Milestone

Tracing Our Journey

Silicon Topology was founded by Sean Lin in November 1995. We specialize in IC layout as a service provider driven by Mr. Lin’s passion and semiconductor industry knowledge. Mr. Lin previously served at ITRI and Macronix International Co., Ltd.

He recognized the enormous potential in the IC layout service industry and was determined to bring about change. This is how Silicon Topology was born and nurtured, fueled by Mr. Lin’s ambitious vision.

Mr. Lin created Silicon Topology and made it consistently adhered to an open, innovative, and teamwork-oriented corporate culture. Our team takes pride in pursuing excellence and facing various challenges through collaborative efforts. The company’s core values are reflected in each employee’s daily work and collaboration with customers and team members, constantly creating value for customers and fostering innovation. One of the key reasons why customers choose our services is our commitment to a “team collaboration” work model. When customers collaborate with our technical personnel, they work with specific individuals and feel the support of the entire team behind them. This instills confidence in customers, as they can handle whether the collaborating technical personnel meet their needs and receive the full support of the whole team.

Initially, our service territory primarily targeted IC design companies in Taiwan to provide the highest quality service. We have been evolving our service from domestic to global. Being the pioneer and becoming the IC layout service industry leader are our permanent goals.

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