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Our Services

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Empowering Your Project Success


Our Commitment to Excellence

At Silicon Topology, we are committed to being a world-leading professional IC mask design service partner, dedicated to ensuring the success of our customers’ projects in the most efficient manner possible.

With a legacy of more than 29 years in the industry, we have built robust customer engagement strategies and project management frameworks to deliver exceptional results.


Crafting Solutions for Layout Design

Our core service offering revolves around IC physical layout design. With our expertise and experience, we provide comprehensive layout solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of each project, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

  • Specialized in 2/3/5/7/12/16 nm
  • 250+ layout engineers
  • 170+ seasoned engineers
  • Global support network


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Business Model

Flexible Business Models Tailored to Your Needs

We offer flexible business models to suit the diverse needs of our clients

Time and Material Model

Ideal for projects with evolving requirements, this model provides flexibility in resource allocation and billing based on actual time and materials consumed

Project-Centric Model

For well-defined projects with clear objectives and timelines, our project model ensures efficient execution with fixed costs and deliverables.
Our Support Models

Supporting Your Projects
Every Step

We understand the importance of providing ongoing support to our clients throughout the project lifecycle.

Remote Support

Leveraging our offshore development center, we offer remote support services to address client needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

On-Site Support

For projects requiring hands-on assistance or closer collaboration, our on-site support model ensures direct engagement with our team at your location.

Hybrid Model

Combining the benefits of on-site project management with remote support resources, our hybrid model offers the best of both worlds for enhanced project coordination and efficiency.