– 3nm, 5nm, 7nm, 12nm…

– Mainstream technologies




– RF, Mixed signal, Power Management

– SRAM, Std Cell, IO

Core Competencies

Silicon Topology nurtures employees. Our tight-knit employee relationships and customer centric service attitude yields stable growth year over year. This scalable experienced talent pool makes us unique and fosters quality service resulting in customer project success, satisfaction and return business.

Physical Isolation and Dedicated Network Service

Silicon Topology has the capability to provide additional security service for your project on our premises. This service entails both physical and network isolation controls. In regards to Physical Security, this service provides a secure area by way of a closed room. Entry to the room is via logged rfid tokens given to personnel with authorized access. Egress from the secure room is permitted after disengaging the magnetic door lock. The entrance to the secure area is fully monitored by CCTV 24/7.

Network and server security is provided by physical and logical network isolation. Dedicated equipment includes a project server which is wiped after conclusion of the project. The network is logically restricted to only provide access to authorized devices and the isolated network has dedicated devices such as firewall and switch hardware along with a dedicated uplink.

This service has been audited and utilized by a industry leading foundry.